Thursday, January 25, 2007

Best ever road trip for guys...and really cool women.

My buddy Bozz was over yesterday, and we got to talking about a road trip we have been planning for about six years, but we never got around to doing it. We have always wanted to go on a "Hall of Fame" road trip. All the major Halls of Fame are within a fairly short distance of one another, and none are that far from Ottawa.

This time, we actually mapped it out, and we're hoping to take the trip, planning around a Green Bay Packers away game. Both Bozz and myself are huge Packers fans, and we are also both convinced that with the encouraging 8-8 record of last year, Brett Favre will be back. And how cool would it be to be at the game where Favre breaks Dan Marino's record for career TD passes? Bozz was at the Lions game earlier this year where he threw his 400th TD, and I'm incredibly jealous.

There are two possible games we could hit - Detroit (although he was there this year, and we'd like to go somewhere we haven't been) and New York for the Giants game. If it's Detroit, we go to Toronto and hit the hockey Hall of Fame on Friday, then Hamilton for the CFL Hall on Saturday, then Detroit for the game Sunday morning. From there it's less than three hours to Cleveland, where you would sleep Sunday night.

Monday morning, you get up and spend the whole day at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It's a whole day kind of thing. Monday evening, you drive to Canton, which is less than an hour from Cleveland. You stay there, and check out the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Tuesday, then drive 7 hours to Cooperstown for the baseball Hall, which is Wednesday morning. Wednesday evening, it's two and a half hours to Springfield, to the Basketball Hall.

I've been to Springfield for the Basketball Hall of Fame. In fact, I was there two days after Wilt Chamberlain died. The flag was still at half-mast, and there was a black ribbon on his plaque. The girl I was with at the time said "is he the one who slept with all those women? Did he die of AIDS?" At least she knew who he was.

But from Springfield, it's about a six hour drive back to Ottawa, and you're done. You leave Ottawa Friday morning, and you're back the following Thursday evening. And you've spent quality time at every major Hall of Fame that would interest guys (except maybe NASCAR or something, but that's far, and we don't care).

Is this the best idea ever or what? If I ever get fired, I'm setting up a tour company that sends a bus on this tour six times a year, and making millions. I think you can get guys to take a week off work for something this awesome.

Of course, if we end up going to a Giants game instead, we just do it in reverse. Cooperstown, Springfield, New York City (well, the Meadowlands is in Jersey, but you have to see the Statue of Liberty, or Ground Zero, or Times Square, or a real New York street thug, or something), Canton, Cleveland, skip Detroit, then Hamilton-Toronto-Ottawa. Beautiful!

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