Monday, January 15, 2007

24 hours of homelessness

On Thursday, I will be doing something that means a lot to me. I will be watching three back-to-back Steven Seagal movies. When those movies are over, I will be doing something that means a lot to others. Every year, a group of people spend 24 hours living outside, the way homeless kids do, to raise awareness for Operation Go Home, an organization that tries to re-unite runaway children with their families and get them off the streets.

Chris Day from CTV is the only other person I know who will be there. We both did it last year, and I hope to make it an annual thing. This year we're doing something a little different, however, in that we're also going to raise money. 24 Hours of Homelessness is the kick-off event to Operation Go Home's annual fundraising campaign, and we'll be taking donations in the market. We're at the little pedestrian mall off Rideau Street in front of Sugar Mountain, and we'll be there from 6:00 Thursday night until 6:00 Friday night.

If you're in the area, stop by and make a donation. Kids who live on the street need programs like Operation Go Home, so they can get away from the drugs and the violence. If they live on the street, they don't have an address. If they don't have an address, they can't get ID, like a birth certificate. If they can't get ID, they can't get a job, and of course they can't get a place to live. Operation Go Home is a non-profit organization that helps kids work through all this stuff, and they receive no government funding. Therefore everything we can do to help out this great organization is enormously helpful and necessary.


  1. Speaking of Steve Seagal, Did you know that he played two shows at Casino Rama this past weekend?

    Here's the review:

    I think Chez needs to try to get him to play in Ottawa. Because the only thing more entertaining then watching him kick some ass and mutter cheesy lines would be to watch him play guitar and mutter some cheesy lyrics.

  2. You are not wrong. And if we could get him to open for AC/DC, my life would be complete all in one weekend!