Monday, December 4, 2006

Randall eats a pie

We found a pie this morning. A nice-looking, home-baked apple pie of unknown origin. Normally it would fall to me to sample any mystery baked goods around the studio, but I guess Randall was hungry. The pie, I will admit, made me nervous. Not because it was lying around and we didn't know why, but because there was a rather large, suspicious-looking hole in the top. A nice lady phoned to say she had left the pie for Robin Harper on Saturday. Robin then came in and said that he had forgotten to take it with him, but when he returned on Sunday, there was this mystery hole right in the top. Having seen American Pie, Doc and Woody and myself were understandably reticent when it came to tasting said pie, but Randall dove right in. He ate about half in four minutes. Doc later suggested that I should eat some too, since that's the kind of thing I do. I felt that it would be redundant, since we aldready had a guinea pig, and Randall hadn't gone blind, so all seemed fine. Doc is easily angered, however. He seems to think I am not as compliant as I once was, and he has planned something for me to do later this week, and if I refuse the assignment, whatever that may be, I will be fired. Apparently. Thanks Doc.

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  1. You guys are funny! Eric, we all know that they will never fire you. You're not even an intern for christ's sake!