Thursday, December 7, 2006

Race is on

Now the race is in full swing. Woody created a nine-and-a-half minute campaign ad that was cut down to it's 20-second essence by Doc, stating that he will bump up the number of bonus points for Platinum members. Doc created a campaign by promising things that will already take place - bigger Doc and Woody bonus codes in the New Year, a chance to get a free car, and extra points for voting. All already taking place.

Jeff Brown's platform seems to be "Sens Suck", and Carly's is "I can make clever sexual innuendos". So far that has her leading in a big way. Mine is the only platform with integrity, being the "I hate everyone wh isn't me" platform. Randall is also showing some honesty and integrity, I must say, with his "don't vote for me I wouldn't touch this job with a ten foot pole" platform. Whatever. Vote Eric.

1 comment:

  1. I voted for Randall, but I do find your attack ads humorous....

    Robin Harpers rip-off of the Carly ad is by far the most disturbing of them all.

    And I will say that if Jeff wins, I will resign my membership in the nation....

    By the way, I love the Cynical Cinema...