Thursday, December 7, 2006

Mudslinging - one word or two?

It begins, the agressive campaigning. Carly has, in my view, stooped to the lowest common denominator - ie, Jeff - in coming up with a sleazy, tawdry, and I think reprehensible ad campaign that takes the platinum nation for suckers. She seems to think that making a "sexy" ad in a "sexy" voice is good enough to win over our nation. I give our nation credit for more intelligence, which is why I have chosen the attack ad-mud slinging route.

Yesterday, on the Jeff Brown and Carly show, they kicked things off by making a series of disparaging comments about me. They then invited Adam the Sales Weasel to come on and state his platform. But no one asked me to make an appearance. I had to call in and defend myself. It's difficult to do that when the deck is stacked against you. Jeff and Carly seemed to be forming an alliance based on an "anti-Eric" sentiment. Which is fine, but it leads me to believe that Jeff may be throwing in the towel soon and throwing his support behind Carly, which could really shift the balance of power. I suppose we'll find out soon enough, more of my ads begin running today.

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