Thursday, November 30, 2006

Nation within a nation

Yesterday, Doc made what we thought was a rather innocuous comment at the time. If Quebec can be recognized as a "nation within a nation", whatever that means, then how about the classic rock fans that make up our VIP club? Could we not receive the same recognition from Stephen Harper and our Canadian goverment? A few people decided this was a good idea, and I managed to receive some votes for Leader of this new nation. Although I am currently the front-runner, my money's on Randall. Enough people have wanted to vote him Prime Minister of Canada over the past few years that he seems a shoo-in for the posistion. I might run anyway, just so that my beer is free at the leadership convention. The petition is underway. I think a lobby group might have been a better way to go, but a petition speaks loudly. It's on-line at

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  1. thanks very much for your kindness this morning (and for keeping Doc and Woody in check hehehe). Have a good weekend.

    *see nickname below* AKA Rae Lynn Beck, manager and 'Pita Pro'